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Rooftop Mobile Application


Companies have access to a growing number of ways in which they can communicate information to employees. Unfortunately, this increases the chances of messages getting lost, ignored or plainly failing to engage staff who are overloaded with data.

While some organizations have the budget and resources to create custom knowledge management platforms and engagement tools, others have to rely on makeshift systems. Unfortunately, this only solves some of the problems, or worse, multiplies the number of systems an employee must dig through to access information.

This is precisely why I helped develop Rooftop: a custom SaaS (Software as a Service) solution designed to incorporate the systems organizations already have in place to help aggregate information on the multitude of devices used by today’s professionals.

Roles on the Project

  • Research & Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Creative Direction
  • UI Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Front End Development
  • Project Management
Rooftop Mobile Application Flow

We understood the app would need to integrate seamlessly with the communication systems most organizations use today. The goal was to also allow Knowledge Managers and administrators to easily curate content and push information to employees.

The first step involved, getting real-world feedback from organizations: What systems did they have in place? How were they using mobile to engage with employees? What information were employees requesting? How were employees motivated? etc… This invaluable data helped us develop a prototype of Rooftop based on the core features that enhanced employee engagement and knowledge management.

A prototype was then presented to organizations, so we could observe how people used the platform and gather additional ways to refine the software. Our team then incorporated this information into a beta version, which we tested for several months across a handpicked customer base. The beta version allowed us to ensure v1 was free of any issues and could be scaled across multiple organizations.

My focus wasn’t just on the application, I also helped define the digital strategy, design the visual identity, and build a responsive marketing website.

Rooftop Mobile App Rooftop Responsive Website Rooftop Admin System

The result is an impressive and fully functional Android and iOS application that fosters employee engagement and knowledge management. Via a web-based admin, companies have full control over the way the app looks, the content that is available to employees, and the ability to send important information as push notifications.

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