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The Challenge

Companies now have access to a growing number of ways in which they can communicate information to employees. Unfortunately, this increases the chances of messages getting lost, ignored or plainly failing to engage staff who are overloaded with data.

While some organizations have the budget and resources to create custom knowledge management platforms, others have to rely on makeshift systems. However, these only solve some of the problems, or worse, they multiply the number of systems available, confusing the employees.

This is precisely why I helped develop Rooftop: to implement a custom SaaS (Software as a Service) solution designed to incorporate the systems organizations already have in place and help disseminate company information on the multitude of devices used by today’s professionals.

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The Process

Starting with the general concept behind Rooftop, I began generating ideas for the product as well as the brand and marketing strategy.

As the Experience Director, I ensured we would roll out beta versions of the app to organizations for feedback, which helped us pinpoint real-world problems and find solutions on how to solve them.

It is at this point that I began focusing on refining the app’s user experience (UX) through additional concepting, prototyping, and testing. Working on additional wireframes, user personas and application flows, I managed to solve an important challenge organizations face, namely: ‘how do you create an app that employees want to use’.

As we continued developing improved iterations of Rooftop, we simultaneously launched our marketing plan, which saw me take control of both the physical and digital marketing.

Meanwhile, I also developed the Rooftop website. Having designed the Application’s UI, I wanted to ensure the website accurately explained the features and problems Rooftop solves.

Rooftop Website

The Results

The result is an impressive and fully functional Android and iOS app that fosters employee engagement and knowledge. Companies have control over the way the Rooftop app looks and feels so that it maximizes the impact of the information sent out.

The UX and UI of the application are designed to create an intuitive experience, which makes the app easy to use, and helps with its adoption by both organizations and employees.