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Digital Strategy & Mobile Application Design

The Challenge

North Highland is a global management consulting firm with more than 3000 employees in 60 offices worldwide.

Working on a such a large scale, they found it difficult to distribute important company information to all the necessary departments. They also wanted a solution that could simultaneously connect employees and notify everyone when new business was closed.

They came to Maybe.For.You to help concept the correct solution. We came up with a mobile application that would accomplish their goals, and also helped improve new business by creating a direct link between the different consulting practices, offering talking points and case studies within meetings.

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The Process

We began by meeting with key executives and members of the marketing team to determine the requirements of the application.

This allowed me to map out the strategy, and to start defining the information architecture through the use of wireframes, application flows, user personas and technical specification documents. This information would prove crucial, as we agreed with North HIghland to work in iterations through a multi-version rollout plan.

Using this research, I then began creating prototypes for the application and its user interface. I submitted various design comps, and interactive prototypes to provide North Highlands with a feel for how the application should function, since it was being developed by an outside vendor.

Mobile Playbook App

The Results

The result is the North Highland’s Mobile Playbook, a full featured mobile application which makes it easy for employees to communicate with each other in a seamless way.

This ease of disseminating information has had tremendously positive outcomes for the whole company.

The application fosters engagement, and has added business value to North Highland: thanks to a better knowledge management system, different departments can make more informed decisions and internal referrals, which translates directly into an increase in sales.

Mobile Playbook App