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The Challenge

Node40 is a new player on the cryptocurrency scene whose goal is to make it easy for anybody who wants to participate in supporting P2P networks like Dash.

While the startup had a successful website and application, they wanted to begin improving their services by updating the design and user experience.

This is precisely why they came to my agency: so we could assist them with creating effective style guidelines and help them define the best user experience practices for their application and marketing website.

Node40 Website Node40 Website Application Node40 Responsive Website

The Process

My first step as the project lead was to conduct several meetings and interviews with the founders in order to establish clear goals for the project, their product roadmap, the type of users they expected, and their desires for the redesign.

Taking this information into account, I designed a series of templates for the website. As the designs were approved, they were developed into responsive templates their internal team could integrate into their own content management system.

Likewise, I overhauled the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) of the application, ensuring the product was easy to use for newcomers, but robust enough for legacy users. It also needed to have a cohesive experience with the updated website.

Finally, I created a complete digital style guide so that the company could continue growing and modifying their offering while retaining a unified UX and image over all their products and marketing material.

Node40 Style Guide

The Results

Node40’s new responsive website is not only improving and streamlining their clients’ user experience, it also facilitates their expected next steps: setting up, monitoring, and incentivizing nodes.

This unified experience has proven to be highly valuable for the organization so far. The updated website has improved the way customers access information about the company, and learn about their services.

Moreover, the style guidelines I developed now give the company a more unified and polished identity, one they can continue to use as they continue to scale and further develop their application and marketing material. They company hopes that the refining experience will continue to increase sales, and improve the overall customer experience.