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The Challenge

The NBA is America’s premiere men’s basketball association with millions of worldwide fans. They originally approached my agency with the goal of creating an engaging online streaming service: League Pass Broadband.

After its tremendous success, they again hired Maybe.For.You to assist with the digital strategy, user experience and user interface for a suite of Connect TV Applications, now known as NBA League Pass.

While we had plenty of experience with digital displays, this particular project involved working with devices that had yet to be introduced to the US market, increasing the challenge of creating a pleasant experience for the users.

Moreover, we had to abide to an aggressive two-month deadline to create the application designs for no less than five different TVs and connected device platforms.

NBA GameTime Application NBA GameTime Application NBA GameTime Application

The Process

I immediately set out to define the features and functionalities of the League Pass application, and the experience it had to create for interactive TV viewers.

Working closely with NBA Digital’s team, I helped create a series of wireframes and user flows that could be “paper prototyped” to ensure the solution was functional and the experience friendly and intuitive.

After rapid prototyping and testing, we arrived at the correct strategy, and I began creating design comps for each of the main screens within the applications. As each screen was approved, I created the necessary UI states and elements and passed them off to the development team at NBA Digital.

NBA GameTime Application

The Results

Thanks to its ease of use and ability to augment the TV viewing experience, the NBA League Pass application has been a resounding success with the fans. They love the way the application looks and feels, and how it enables them to have a deeper connection with the players and teams while watching the games.

What’s more, transforming the single channel experience of watching a game into an engaging multi-channel experience has had a tremendously positive impact for the organization: fostering an active fan community around the games, all the while providing a huge additional source of revenue through the integration with NBA League Pass services.

NBA GameTime Application