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The Challenge

When Lowe’s, the second-largest hardware chain in the United States, decided to promote health and wellbeing for their 265,000 employees, they came to Summit Marketing to create the new program. Maybe.For.You was then brought in to map out the digital strategy for the concept, in regards to how it should work on mobile and tablet devices.

Working for such a large employee base, the system obviously needed to scale effectively and to support a wide variety of devices. Lowe’s wanted the system to be able to track health information through personal food journals and weight logs, and to provide educational information in the form of articles and interactive quizzes.

Finally, the solution had to incorporate a reward system for participating employees who successfully engaged with the program.

Lowe's MyLifeTrack Wireframes Lowe's MyLifeTrack iOS Application Lowe's MyLifeTrack iOS Application

The Process

After helping my team define the information architecture and technical specification documents, we began building a prototype application.

My specific role was to focus on the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). I took great care to ensure the application was intuitive and easy to use for employees from a wide range of backgrounds.

By mapping out the key users personas, customer journeys, and application flows, I was able to keep their experience at the forefront when designing the application.

After thoroughly testing, tweaking, and revising the application to improve it, a final version was submitted and approved by Lowes executives. My agency then helped roll it out to all the employees in the company’s 12,500 locations across the US.

MyLifeTrack iOS Application

The Results

The result is MyLifeTrack, an application that was not only enthusiastically adopted by Lowe’s employees nationwide, but also highly praised by the corporate world.

The program has received numerous employee engagement and health and fitness awards, including: Gold Winner for the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Award; the Excellence in the Workplace from the Tobacco Control Award; the Start! Fit Friendly Companies Innovation Award; and the CDHC Superstar Integrated Care: Wellness & Disease Management Award.

Lowe's MyLifeTrack iOS App