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Mohawk Digital Product Catalog

The Challenge

As the world's leading producer and distributor of quality flooring, Mohawk needed to modernize their strategy through the implementation of effective digital tools. Leap Communications was hired for the website redesign, and the Atlanta marketing agency then turned to my agency to help with the next project: modernizing Mohawk’s antiquated paper product catalogs into digital ones.

The catalog would take the form of a custom-built iPad application that allows sales representatives to access Mohawk’s online product system and to present carpeting options to clients in a smarter, more effective way.

Moreover, the application needed to be able to capture client information and store it in Mohawk’s existing CRM (customer relationship management) tool.

Mohawk Group Product Catalog Application Mohawk Group Product Catalog Application Mohawk Group Product Catalog Application

The Process

Through a long standing relationship with Leap Communications and my experience as experience director, I knew both of our agencies needed to collaborate on mapping out the goals and scope of the project with the team at Mohawk.

Once these goals were established, I moved on to determining the correct user experience for the project through the use of wireframes, prototypes and user personas. The application had to be logical, easy to use, and to allow sales professionals from all walks of life to intuitively pick it up with minimum training.

After the technical specifications and other UX documents were approved by Mohawk, I further provided the team at Leap with creative and art direction in regards to the application’s user interface.

Finally, my team at Maybe.For.You took complete control over the development of the new native iOS application, ensuring it integrated seamlessly with Mohawk's online catalog, sales and CRM systems.

Mohawk Group Product Catalog Application

The Results

The result is a smart and responsive iPad application that reflects Mohawk’s commitment to comfort and style.

The application is fully integrated with the company’s online catalog, making it easier to get up-to-date information, and the ability to order samples in a few swipes.

The Mohawk sales team also benefits from a greater flexibility and freedom when presenting swatches and options, facilitating the sale experience both for them and their customers.

Mohawk Group Product Catalog Application