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The Challenge

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Maybe.For.You is a digital agency providing tailor-made applications and digital solutions to a wide range of clients including some of the world’s most renowned brands. I founded the agency in 2007, after years of working and freelancing with advertising agencies throughout the world.

While running an agency is no easy feat, one of our constant challenges is finding the time to focus on our own branding and promotional work.

With a website that was sorely out-of-date, we wanted to create a new way to showcase our more recent work and the services we offer. We also wanted this website to work as a lead generation tool in attracting and vetting new clients.

Adding to the challenge was the fact that we needed to create our own condensed timeframe for the project -- we settled on a two month deadline for a complete revamp.

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The Process

I began by mapping out the key sections of our website, by defining the core message we wanted our clients to walk away with. We then quickly put together a few wireframes and asked select clients to provide feedback on the overall flow and the content we were planning to create.

After gaining this insight and making the necessary tweaks, I began designing the site and creating an outline for the content and case studies.

Once the main templates were setup, I built the front end templates (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), so that our development team could integrate them into the CMS as I worked on the content creation.

Maybe.For.You Website

The Results

The result is, a responsive website that has won several industry awards including The Davey Award, a Communication Award, MarCom Award, and Horizon Interactive Award.

The website has also been featured on numerous design websites including SiteInspire, AWWWards, TNW (The Next Web), and Abuzeedo.

More importantly, it serves its purpose when it comes to cementing our agency’s reputation, and it truly delivers results: since its launch, the new website has seen an increase in traffic of over 300%.

Maybe.For.You Website