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Jamestown's Employee Engagement Program

Jamestown Properties is an investment and property management firm. With more than 300 employees and offices across the US, they faced a problem creating a central company culture, employee engagement, and in distributing internal communications.

To help solve these challenges, Jamestown hired MaybeForYou to develop a custom enterprise application that would connect employees in a smarter, friendly, and more efficient way.

Roles on the Project

  • Research & Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Creative Direction
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Project Management
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During our discovery phase, in which I conducted interviews with staff from all departments of the organization, we learned two important things: 1) the type of information the company hoped to communicate; and 2) that information was spread across more than 20 different applications and tools.

It, therefore, became clear that a key component of our application was to provide a central location for employees that all information could be aggregated into.

We also noticed that there was a strong desire from employees to learn more about their co-workers, the departments within the organization, and the properties they worked for. As well as the ability to share information and foster a closer community.

Working with the IT, HR and marketing teams, we put together a multi-release product strategy. Splitting the application into multiple versions, allowed employees to quickly begin using the application while providing us with valuable input on potential new features and functionality.

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JTConnect has grown into the central hub for all of Jamestown's personal and professional productivity needs. Providing access to files, policies, and news while connecting employees with property, department, and individual profiles.

Over the years, the application has been expanded to included a Training Center, interface with Microsoft SharePoint, and integrate directly with the company's Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.

All-in-all providing a powerful resource that has lead to a 100% adoption throughout the company, and a workforce that feels more connected and engaged!

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