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The Challenge

Jamestown Properties has been an investment and property management company since 1983, with more than 300 employees and offices spread out across the US.

As a rapidly growing organization, it was facing real problems when it came to creating a central company culture. Geographically isolated - and often in different time zones - employees lacked engagement with internal communications, and with each other.

In order to solve that challenge, they came to my agency to develop a custom social intranet solution that could connect employees in a smarter, more efficient, and friendlier way.

Jamestown Properties Intranet Application Jamestown Properties Intranet Application Jamestown Properties Intranet Application

The Process

During the discovery phase, in which I conducted interviews with executives and staff, we learned two important things: 1) what kind of information the company hoped to communicate, and 2) that Jamestown Properties employees were using more than 20 different applications on a daily basis!

It therefore became clear that our centralized solution would need to simplify and streamline the UX (user experience) for the best results.

Taking on the challenge personally, I gathered information to create user personas and get a better idea of how the platform would work through the design of wireframes, a sitemap, and application / user flows.

As the Creative / Experience Director, I oversaw the whole project from strategy through user acceptance testing, taking great care to ensure the website design was responsive and that it would work on a variety of platforms including the web, tablets and mobile devices.

Jamestown Properties Intranet Application

The Results

Our centralized intranet platform, named JTConnect, is now a one-stop personal and professional productivity platform for all employees. It allows them to consult company-wide news as well as property, department and employee profiles.

Since the initial iteration, we further added a Training Center, a powerful resource for employees who wish to get advice on career and education opportunities, which undoubtedly helped with the platform’s success and its almost 100% usage rate throughout the company.

Moreover, staff can post and share photos, videos, links, news and events, and the platform even integrates with external social networks, which helps strike a perfect balance between work and pleasure, and fosters a healthier and friendlier company culture.

JTConnect Company Intranet