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Marketing Reporting Application

The Challenge

InterContinental Hotels Group is one of the world’s largest multinational hotel companies with a presence in over 100 countries and 540,000 guest rooms around the globe. My agency’s mission was to create a powerful enterprise application and campaign reporting system for them.

While the organization did rely on Business Objects to track marketing information, the data needed to be turned into reports by an analytics professional. Our goal was therefore to create a system that allowed any employee – regardless of analytical experience – to comprehend complex internal marketing metrics.

Moreover, the solution needed to be accessible worldwide and on a variety of device, increasing our challenge to create a safe and secure system, a paramount point when dealing with data of this nature.

InterContential Hotels Group Reporting Application InterContential Hotels Group Reporting Application InterContential Hotels Group Reporting Application

The Process

Through in-depth interviews with select employees of the Analytics, Marketing and Executive teams, we began our discovery phase to determine the requirements of the project. In view of its complexity, my suggestion as the Experience Director was to opt for a multi-version release that would allow us to gather feedback and continue improving the features and functionalities as the application was tested in real-life situations.

My personal responsibility involved designing the application’s interface based on my research into user personas, application flows, wireframes and technical specifications documents.

Meanwhile, Maybe.For.You’s development team built a series of prototypes for usability testing, working in iterations as I incorporated improvements to streamline the user experience of our “IHG Campaign Harvester”.

InterContential Hotels Group Reporting Application

The Results

The result is a responsive, easy to use and secure web and tablet application that allows personnel to access the reports they need, whenever they need them.

Based on my UI designs, the information is displayed with bold colors, great typography, and interactive elements, making it easy to sort data and filter it in order of relevance and importance.

IHG’s data enterprise application has now been developed into Versions 1.5 and 2.0, and continues to help IHG’s employees see the story behind data visualization and aggregated content in meaningful – and minimal – ways.

InterContential Hotels Group Reporting Application