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The Challenge

EventBooth actually stemmed from an idea I had for my agency's 5th anniversary party. I wanted to create an entertaining and engaging photo booth that combined old-fashioned fun with modern digital photography.

Many of our clients loved it. In fact, we received so many requests to borrow the photo booth that we decided to turn it into a product of its own.

This meant improving the iOS app, and later designing and fabricating a custom photo station. The success of the project further led to spinning the product into it’s own company with it’s own unique brand.

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The Process

After the success of the initial prototype, my next step was to help the development team turn a makeshift solution developed for a single party into a custom iPad application and web-based Admin that would be usable for such a broad audience.

My own focus lay on the app’s UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), which I refined through the creation of user personas, application flows, wireframes, and continuous prototyping and testing.

I also created the sketches and concepts for what would turn into the EventBooth Photo Station. A full featured, all-in-one, kiosk style photo booth. Once everyone was satisfied with the results of the sketches, and a fabrication team ensured us it could be built, I oversaw the industrial design of the first Photo Station and worked with the fabrication team to create a streamlined process for producing them on-demand for our clients.

Taking control of the branding and marketing strategy, I also attended trade shows and conferences to demo the application and Photo Station to clients. This was also supplemented by the new company’s website, which I designed and developed.

EventBooth iOS App

The Results

A fun and innovative way to turn any iPad into a complete photo booth, EventBooth has had tremendous success on the App Store, and an Android version is currently in development. To this day, it has allowed users to snap more than 25,000 photos at a variety of events.

For a complete experience, companies can purchase the EventBooth Photo Station and easily set it up at events, trade shows and conferences, where users can enjoy it as much as clients did at my agency’s anniversary party.

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