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Budget's Betterway Rewards Loyalty Program Responsive Website

Budget's Betterway Rewards Loyalty Program

The Betterway Group is Avis Budget’s oldest and largest licensee, independently operating since 1977 over the seven metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Birmingham, Kansas City, Memphis, Nebraska, Utah, and Wichita.

While a loyalty program, “Cruisin’ for Cash” already existed, due to its manual nature it was never rolled out to all markets nor successful in meeting the customer’s or business's needs.

Budget approached MaybeForYou to help completely overhaul the loyalty program. With the main goals of creating a great customer experience while streamlining the internal operations.

Since the company operates within the Avis Budget brand, with only local rentals qualifying for the program, it posed some unique challenges we had to overcome.

Roles on the Project

  • Research & Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Creative Direction
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Front End Development
  • Project Management
Budget's Betterway Rewards Loyalty Program Wireframes

Beginning with a Discovery Phase, I conducted interviews with Budget's senior level executive, marketing, and IT teams. The results of these meetings led us to approach the project from a clean slate, giving us the flexibility and agility to develop a solution that could solve the internal program operation problems while improving the customers experience.

After these initial meetings, I scheduled a series of in-person and web-based interviews with existing customers. The goal was to gain a better idea of their exact needs and learn more about the kind of rewards that would keep them engaged.

Aggregating both the customer’s and internal needs, wants, and goals for the project, we provided a strategic recommendation for a 12-month project rollout. Beginning with the design of a responsive website and custom administrative system that would serve as the foundation of the program.

After a 3-month beta cycle which allowed us to test the scale, and refine features and functionalities based on additional user feedback, Betterway Rewards was approved for roll out to all seven markets.

To assist with the marketing side of things, I also worked closely with Budget’s internal marketing team to provide art direction and content design to establish Betterway Rewards’ digital presence. Included in this was a sequence of marketing and automated emails to help onboard customers into the program.

Budget's Betterway Rewards Loyalty Program Budget's Betterway Rewards Loyalty Program Website Budget's Betterway Rewards Loyalty Program Responsive Website

The result is a full-featured loyalty program -- Betterway Rewards. More than a responsive website, the programs provides a unified cross-platform solution that offers consistent rewards, messaging, and program benefits to all of the Betterway’s seven US markets.

The program allows the organization to gather more consistent data on their customers, leading to better campaigns targeting specific markets and customer segments.

Budget has seen a tremendous increase in sign-ups, point redemptions, and overall customer satisfaction. Providing a positive impact and allowing the company to adapt their marketing to increase bottom line sales.

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