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Betterway Rewards Loyalty Program

The Challenge

The Betterway Group is Avis Budget’s oldest and largest licensee, operating since 1977 over the seven regions of Atlanta, Birmingham, Kansas City, Memphis, Nebraska, Utah, and Wichita.

They offered their customers a loyalty program, “Cruisin’ for Cash”, though due to its manual nature, it was never rolled out to all the markets and never succeeded in fully meeting their customer’s needs.

They came to my agency for a complete loyalty program revamp, with the goal of creating a new experience that would streamline the program and position it to be released in all markets.

Moreover, since the company operates within the Avis Budget brand, with only local rentals qualifying for the loyalty program, it posed some unique challenges we needed to overcome.

Betterway Rewards App Flow Betterway Rewards Website Betterway Rewards Wireframe

The Process

Following the fundamental stages in our design method (discover, define, design, develop, deploy), I organized interviews with their senior level executive, marketing and IT teams. These initial meetings led us to approach the whole project from a clean slate, giving us the flexibility and agility to really get to the heart of the problem.

I further conducted a series of in-person and online interviews with existing customers to gain a better idea of their needs and the kind of rewards they expected from a loyalty program from Budget.

Aggregating this information helped us provide strategic recommendations for a 12-month program rollout. With the focus being a responsive loyalty website, for which I was responsible for the strategy, design, and development of the front end (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) templates.

Approaching the project from the customer’s perspective, I relied heavily on user personas, and site flows to guide the design decisions of the project.

As the lead on the project, I worked closely with the marketing and IT teams at Budget, to deploy a 3 month beta release to help refine the features, functionality and business logic of the first release.

Betterway Rewards Website

The Results

The result is a full featured loyalty website. More than a responsive website and customer portal, it is a completely unified loyalty program that offers consistent rewards to all of the Betterway group’s seven US markets.

This merged platform allows the marketing team to gather more consistent data to target specific markets and customers, and the company could not be happier with the results.

The group has seen a tremendous increase in customer sign ups, loyalty points redeemed and customer satisfaction. The program has had a hugely positive impact on how the company can position their marketing, leading to an increase in their bottom line.

Betterway Rewards Loyalty Program