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Digital Strategy & Responsive Website

The Challenge

Atlanta Motorsports Park is a private membership club and motorsports park who came to me with a simple request: help them promote their services, grow their membership base and increase the reach of their brand’s message.

They needed a complete digital strategy that would target the media, members of the public, and existing members, keeping everyone updated on a range of info such as track conditions, news and upcoming events.

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The Process

In order to define the correct digital strategy, I began conducting a series of interviews with the Atlanta Motorsports Park’s CEO. Once his goals were laid out, I offered to help in two ways. Firstly, I would map out the best way to organize the vast amount of information about the facility, car types and events. Then, I would help with creating design concepts that would present this data neatly and efficiently through a responsive website that would appeal to all its users.

I began working on the website by providing a content structure and information hierarchy. Through the use of wireframes, prototypes and application flows, I also mapped out the user experience with a clearer idea of who would use the website, and how. This in turn allowed me to submit a few design comps for the main website template.

Once approved, I developed this responsive template and integrated them within WordPress, even going as far as providing the team at AMP with training so they could manage the website internally.

Atlanta Motorsports Park Responsive Website

The Results

The results were overwhelmingly positive. AMP reported that the traffic on the website increased, and so did the amount of time users would spend on each page.

Their SEO ranking was also improved, but most importantly, all these numbers translate into real-life improvements: the entire membership of AMP has grown to almost capacity. These days, numerous events fully booked, filling the track and clubhouse thanks to better, more efficient information dissemination and customer engagement.

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