Let's work together!

I enjoy filling my time solving interesting problems. Be it strategy, user experience, design, consulting, or coaching, I'm always interested in helping out. If you’d like to discuss working together email me with your projects scope, timeline, and budget range and we can schedule a time to go over the details.

I also love startups, and will occasionally invest time, advise, and even capital to early stage ideas/teams which I believe in. If you have an idea that you think I should hear about, lets chat!

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Need help on a large project?

Have a project that needs the full time attention of a team, how about partnering with Maybe.For.You. We’re a small team of designers, developers and strategists that would love to help bring your next idea to life. You can contact me directly at michael@maybeinc.com or head over to our site and use our Project Planner.